A Community of Practice

In his post for 01/04/2025, Seth Godin said a "community of practice" can be powerful. He says, "When we belong to a group that sees us, respects and is counting on us, the best sort of peer pressure arises."

What would this look like for a community of believers? Are we also a community of practice? Do we practice kindness and love others? Do we practice living out truth authentically? Are we a community that sees and respects others? As a part of the body of Christ, I assure you others are counting on you to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh as the Apostle Paul says. There is no growth, spiritual or otherwise, without practice. Spiritual peer pressure is a good thing. Creating an environment that challenges and calls other to come up higher is a good thing. A community that, by its existence and practice, exposes complacency and half-heartedness, is a good thing. 

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