I have no fear that AI will take over the world. First of all, I spend too much time every day fixing all the mistakes computer make because humans are involved. That will never change (I hope). Secondly, mankind probably won't care even if they do. As long as they keep us comfortable, satisfied and happy. No one will take the time or make the effort to rise up and rebel against the machines. We will just sit back on the couch with VR devices watching hours and hours of streaming while we scroll through a mind-numbing variety of distractions with ads and wait for drones to deliver more stuff. The government will give us all the money we need, then we'll give it to Amazon. Social media and the "news" will de-evolve further into a never-ending stream of algo bot generated nonsense intent on re-defining truth and reality as we know it. We will all know everything, be right about everything, and be doing nothing. Then humanity will go extinct. Then the aliens will come and move into our nice planet. Wait, maybe we are the aliens, and this has all happened before...

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