Are we too satisfied?

A few decades ago now an old preacher named Paris Reidhead said "Most people in Christian activity today, do not fellowship with God. They are satisfied by and content just to have fellowship with other people about God." I'm afraid this is still how things are today. I've been teaching adult bible classes for over twenty years and it's never been this difficult to get people interested in learning God's Word and experiencing real spiritual growth. We like having a Christian identity, we like exciting church services, and we like being told what to do. We are too satisfied with how things are now. Many believers have no interest in doing the work of spiritual learning and many don't know how anymore. I still believe we can change that. I feel like that change is coming. It will take time and patience, but those who stay the course will see the seeds they have planted find good soil. I think it was Leonard Ravenhill who prayed that God would give him a "holy dissatisfaction" with the way things were. I'm praying that for our church communities today.

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