Beinging an Insider

Everybody wants to be on the inside. It's good to feel we belong and have purpose. It's nice to feel needed and have a sense of importance. Being on the inside of a group or a community of people also comes with responsibility. The closeness with others gives us opportunity to be a positive influence, to sow seeds of kindness, to lift people up and share our lives. The inside is not a good place to be if we use it to lift ourselves up and push others away. The inside can be a comfortable place, which is nice, but at some point, can become a liability. Comfort is good and useful. It's a nurturing place where we can lean on others and receive what we need. The inside is a place where we are close enough to other people to give back as we grow. Be careful on the inside. Don't take for yourself. Don't slow down or back away from challenges while hoping others will pick up the slack. Don't give in to the temptation to compare yourself with outsiders and think your better or have less work to do. Be aware and know when that season is done. Be ready to step out like a refugee looking for another home. Don't fear the empty space. Take all that you have become with you. Let that sustain you while you seek out the next thing. You are never alone.

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