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I'd like to start reviewing The Rob Cast episode #25 "The Sheeeeet Factor" by sharing Rob's definition of the Bible. He says, "The Bible is a library of books that gives us glimpses of an evolving and expanding human consciousness." I know some of you think that sounds a little out there, but bear with me, take a deep breath and check your pulse, you'll be ok.

I think this is such an important issue which I've been dealing with trying to help people understand the Bible. We tend to define spiritual growth in a number of ways. Firstly, we think it means just knowing the Bible or knowing more facts about the Bible. Secondly, we think it means understanding the Bible better or having the ability to exegete the scriptures and do proper biblical interpretation. Thirdly, we think it is associated with what I call the law approach. This is a strict adherence to doctrinal positions. if we're doing all the right things as we're told, then we equate that to spiritual growth or spiritual maturity. These all have a part in the process, but we can easily get stuck if we think that's all its about.

For a while now, I've been defining spiritual growth as Learning + Living = Spiritual growth. We have to receive truth and act on truth in order for real transformation and growth to take place. We also need to think about how we evolve spiritually and expand our understanding of human consciousness as we grow. I am more aware of what it means to be a human created in God's image existing in this dwelling place he created for me than I was a year ago. I see things differently now. I relate to other people differently. I approach the Bible differently and receive truth differently. Isn't that the definition of growth?

This evolving spiritual growth cannot happen if we insist that nothing changes. We can't see doctrinal positions as unchanging. We don't follow the law anymore. We follow the Holy Spirit as he guides us through God's Word which he authored. Just to be clear, truth never changes by definition. If it changed, then it would not be truth. Just like goodness or love cannot change because God is the absolute expression them. I however can and should change. How I understand truth and practice truth changes as I grow and evolve spiritually.

Rob says the Bible is a "deeply progressive book containing story after story of the divine meeting people and bringing them forward in an expanded consciousness and enlightenment." I know I want that for my life and for my family. I want the Holy Spirit to bring me forward and expand my consciousness. There is so much yet to learn. We have all just barely begun this wonderous journey.

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