A vision on a rooftop by the sea - 04

In Act 10, Peter is shown a vision and after a back and forth discussion with God, he responds when the men come to get him. He also obeys when he enters Cornelius' home and has the opportunity to minister to those Gentiles. Rob Bell asks why some people respond to the light when they see it and others may not. We see this frequently in the gospels when Jesus indicates that some will hear, some will respond to the message and others will not. Why are some people willing to step into the new day and into change when they see it and others will resist? 

Could it be that we are all on different journeys. Some of us have had bad experiences or they live in environments where change is a negative thing. Maybe some have resisted change so often that we don't even see those opportunities anymore. Especially when it comes to foundational values like our faith. If we're told things never change and all our certainties are reinforced week after week, then we will probably resist change.

On the other hand, some people expect changes to come and may be listening and looking for those opportunities. Even experiencing small positive changes will affect our attitude and outlook. We are empowered when we allow the seed to fall into the ground and bring forth new life. That newness of life, that fresh air and light that enters our circumstances will change us.

When Jesus first called Peter to follow him, he may have resisted the change Jesus spoke about because it wasn't the kind of change Peter was looking for. By the time we read Acts 10, Peter had changed. He had seen miracles and discovered new truth about the kingdom. He had experienced God's presence and his abiding love. If Peter would have resisted the change and clung to the old laws, he would have missed this outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the household of Cornelius.

What could we be missing out on? What new things do we need to hear or see?

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