A vision on a rooftop by the sea - 06

Man, this is why I said episode 25 of the Rob Cast is phenomenal. Rob says, "Peter's religion gets in the way of the new thing God is doing."

That new thing is usually right there in plain sight. I feel like there is a wonderous discovery waiting for me to uncover. It's one of those nuggets of truth that the Holy Spirit will be unpacking for me for several years. There is nothing greater and more fulfilling in this universe that the reception of truth from a loving God. 

I get why this is a difficult message for many to receive. We resist new things, especially when it comes to our faith. We inherently mistrust the mystery and measure everything by what we already know. Maybe we should remind ourselves that it's not what we know, but who we know. When Peter's religion conflicts with God's new thing, guess who should win. Don't let your religion get in the way of the new thing God wants to do in your life.

Rob says, "Peter's belief that he is defending God's way is an obstacle to him actually living in God's way. Peter's belief that he is being true to the scriptures gets in the way of him being true to the new thing the Spirit is leading him to do. Peter is so sure he's right he gets it wrong. Peter is so convicted that his convictions are true that he actually misses the new thing that is happening right in front of him."

I am learning to let God's Spirit guide me deeper into the relationship, and into the mystery of my loving God. I hold loosely to what I know because my understanding changes through an ongoing relationship with him. Twenty-six years of marriage was big mystery to me on November 22, 1997. I'm so grateful I allowed myself to go on that journey of discovering the wonderful, amazing wife God has shared with me.

Do we trust God to lead us? Can we agree that we all have the "Surely not Lord" moments like Peter did. And that those moments are times to say, "Yes Lord." We are right to be weary of our own self-nature or of the tactics of the enemy or being drawn into false teachings. It's good to use wisdom, but make sure you stop and take a breath. Be still and listen and ask the Holy spirit if he has a new thing to teach you. Peter obeyed God and was led into a new thing because he loved the Lord more than he loved his religion.

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