A vision on a rooftop by the sea - 07

In the last post on Act 10 we discussed how our religion can get in the way of the new thing God wants to do. So how do we move past that? First of all, you should know without a doubt that God is on your side. He sent his Spirit to guide you, teach you, and draw you lovingly to Christ. We often think God is not on our side, that he is waiting for us to screw up or get something wrong. That fear-based motivation is what people do, what religions who try to scare people into Heaven do, but that is not what God does.

God calls to Peter through this vision and says, "Get up, kill, and eat." Then in verse 14, Peter says, "No, Lord." In verse 15 the text says, "But the voice spoke again". This happened three times. This is what God does. He speaks again, calls to us again, and draws us away from religion into relationship. He will help us leave the old thing for the new thing if we let him. We can choose to stay close minded, or we can open our hearts and be positioned for a blessing. I spoke about the pattern before but notice how the voice came, then the acceptance, then the receptivity of the new thing, and then the call to walk in the new thing.

I'm glad there are a few scripture references when God repeats things to Peter three times. There is hope for you and me yet.

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