How old is the universe?

 How old is this universe? No one really knows. Why does it matter? Because learning, exploration and wonder matter. God created us with the ability and the drive to ask questions and constantly seek out new knowledge. In Ps. 19:1, the psalmist declares that "The heavens declare the glory of God." We were created to fellowship with God, to look up in awe and wonder at his artistry and glory.

I've asked myself lately why so many Christians have such a narrow, restrictive view of the universe? We seem to base everything on biblical genealogy and the presumed age of the Earth. I believe a correct interpretation of those passages show they were meant, as all biblical text are, to point the way toward Christ, the Messiah. Science and technology are growing and making new discoveries all the time. It feels like we are forcing that data into a very narrow and limited framework. I don't understand why, except that we're desperate to prove the Bible is true according to our literal interpretations. Shouldn't our interpretations of the Bible and our view of the universe grow and expand as we grow and experience God's glory.

Everything is the universe follows the same patterns of birth, growth, expansion, and death. Take stars for instance. We can use light, gravity, energy, and brightness of stars to measure their distance and age. If we go with a theory that the universe is thousands of years old rather than billions, then God would have created the stars in process in different stages of development. God certainly could have done that, but why? It feels wrong or deceptive in some way when we were meant to see and know God through what we observe through his creation. 

Is it possible that God decided before time began to create a dwelling place for humanity? Did he then begin to speak and release his creativity out into the void bringing order from chaos. When the time was right, did he place man in the midst of his creation. What are billions of eons of time to God? Why expect anything less from the master artist? This is the bride groom preparing a place for his beloved. Let's be open to receive all that God has prepared for us.

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