Leap Day

Today is Leap Day. I follow Seth Godin's blog and he has a great post today called The Leap

Several years ago, Seth took a leap and decided to blog every day. Now he is sharing post #9000 with the world. Pretty incredible. For me, this is #592 with 65 days in a row now. 

I encourage you to think about a leap you can take. We all get discouraged because we have taken leaps before and have fallen short. Don't let that stand in your way. Start with something small, something doable. Do something that stretches you or challenges you in some way. The key is to decide to take the leap then do it and don't look back. Once the decision is made, you just keep going.

Seth's leap 9000 posts ago was "The decision to be a blogger. And then redeciding, each day, not to stop." Thats been the key for me as well. I decided before the end of the 2023 that I needed to write every day. I want to keep my mind in a place where I always have something fresh to share. 

Seth says this sort of leap is "The leap of choice. Not to suddenly get from here to there, but to choose to go on the journey." The journey I'm on was not a New Year's resolution. I decided years ago that I'd rather finish a year having accomplished something rather than begin the year hoping to make it through. It's a journey.

You don't need to wait for another year to begin. You can step outside your door onto the road and see where it takes you. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

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