The Greatest Thing in the World - 04

Yesterday I asked why it seems like the world is at war against the expression of love. Could it be that we are all fighting to get the one thing we need the most? Henry Drummond says envy indicates we are in competition with others. We tend to compete for love and do whatever it takes to get what we need. Taking comes at the expense of others. We take rather than receive because we don't trust God has provided all we need. In God's economy, we are set free to give freely even to the point of emptying all that we are. This is possible when we believe in the abundance of love that God freely shares with us. There is no need to fight for scraps at the banquet table. When our faith in God waivers, we revert back to our own efforts to make a way for ourselves. We find control and comfort in our poverty mindset. This is what we are continually being set free from with the help of the Holy Spirit. As I yield my fears and uncertainties to God, he fills that space in me with the faith I need to let go. Only then can I freely give and receive all God has for me.

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