What are we afraid of?

I was just wondering what Christians are so afraid of. I have conversations with some people and the minute I stray beyond their approved doctrinal positions, they get nervous and defensive. Just bring up LGBTQ+ issues and you will see what I mean. We can't even discuss important social issues like that and be a positive part of the conversation. We've been shut out and we're the last ones to realize it because of our pride. We feel we need to label them as a mission field or talk about them in a way that lifts us up above them. We're afraid to show support because someone may think we condone sin or support gay marriage or something. I have news for you, we all have stuff in the closet we don't want anyone to see. 

We also can't have an honest conversation about hell without fear of being labeled as a universalist. Only in evangelical circles can someone preach that love wins and then be branded a heretic and run out of town.  And I have more good news for you, love does win. Love is what draws us and makes a way for us and reaches out to us unconditionally and relentlessly. Love created us all and sustains us all. Love has made a dwelling place for all humanity so we can know and experience God for ourselves. Love cannot be conquered or defeated, and the love of God will never dim or fade for all eternity.

Why are we afraid to just go and lavish love and kindness on anyone and everyone? To me that sounds far more like the gospel of Jesus Christ that most of what we preach. Can we recognize that we have all sinned, do sin, will continue to sin, and yet still love others unconditionally? Sin separates us from the love of God and the wonderful relationship he has in store for us, but God does not withdraw from us. No, he continues to lavish his love on us and come running when the prodigal comes home. 

I hope I'm not being critical. I love my brothers and sisters in the Lord, but I desperately want to change the conversation and move beyond these things. The world needs more of the fruit of the Spirit lavishly poured out through our lives.

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