What are we talking about?

This morning, I was listening to Charles Duhigg on the Rich Roll podcast. They explore the neuroscience and psychology that shape our interactions and connections with others. Thats a big way to say effective conversations. 

I was thinking about how we can use these tools to better communicate the gospel message or engage in a dialog about our faith. Can we admit we often go about this with right motives, but wrong methods?

Duhigg says "The goal of a conversation is not to win, it's not to convince the other person...The goal is to understand the other side." He says, if we don't approach the conversation this way, we are denying our self the "opportunity to know how that other person sees the world?"

Do we care enough about people to listen with a desire to know them better and understand who they really are and how they see the world? Can we do that without ulterior motives? That approach is honest and respectful. Maybe then we can share our own story or just take the opportunity to share abundant God's love with others.

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