What do we have to lose?

As Christians, can we engage in open conversations about our faith and beliefs without losing our way? It's challenging for anyone to really listen to another person. We bring a lot into the conversation like our beliefs, past experiences, preconceived ideas, agendas, and many other things occupying our thoughts. It takes practice to set those things aside for a few moments and really listen.

Do we need to guard ourselves from being led astray? What if the other person's argument makes a lot of sense to us? What if the conversation leads to doubts in our own mind? I think there is always some inerrant risk in real conversation. If we are not a little vulnerable, then we cannot receive and grow.

Is it productive to subject my beliefs to questions and scrutiny? Beliefs can be a comfortable identity we build around our lives. We don't always feel comfortable messing with that. Certainty is easier, but ultimately more dangerous. Maybe there is a little truth to Karl Marx's famous quote that religion is the "opiate of the masses." Of course, that's not what God intends for us.

In my experience questions will strengthen our faith. Engaging is conversations with others can only benefit all of us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher just as Jesus promised. I know I will never need to engage in a dialog about my faith without his help. We have nothing to lose.

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