"A half-truth made out to be a whole truth is an untruth" N. T. Wright.

This quote is so profound and so necessary for us to understand. The Scriptures were meant to be progressive. Peter's vision in Act 10 is a good example of this. No, that does not mean you can make truth whatever you want it to be. Truth will never conflict with its own nature. That is why Jesus does not do away with the law, he fulfills it. The content of the Bible moves from a restrictive law-based environment to the freedom of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Many Christians like and promote the law-based approach which leads to stopping short of a pursuit of the whole truth. Then the half-truth is presented to be the whole truth. The goal moves from seeking and knowing truth, to compliance with the truth we know. Thats not a criticism, it's just the nature of the law-based approach. I believe N. T. Wright is right and unfortunately our attempts to shape our worldview with half-truths ends up becoming untruth.

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