People assumptions

Do we make too many assumptions about people we encounter? I think I do. Especially in spiritual matters. It just feels practical and safe, I guess. For twenty plus years I've been teaching discipleship classes and small groups. I've always felt like the Holy Spirit helps me discern where people may be at spiritually. Part of that is because I feel he helps me teach and he wants to reach people where they are. Still, I think I miss a lot when I engage with people through assumptions rather than an open mind. Many times, I know I've held back things I should have said because I assume people will not respond well or not understand. Maybe I should have anyway. As I told a small group recently, obedience is the thing that matters to God. 

People have surprised me lately. They have been more open and receptive. Is it a coincidence that I've experienced that in situations where I chose to follow the Holy Spirit's leading? Probably not. God wants people to have every opportunity to experience his love, to hear truth, and to engage in honest and open conversations. We are a community, and we all need to share who we are and what we know in a loving and respectful way.

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