Faith assumptions

Yesterday, I was thinking about the assumptions we often make about people. Today, I was thinking about how we make assumptions with our faith. Why do we believe the things we do? Hopefully because we received good, solid teaching and instruction through God's Word. Thats a good thing, but do we then use those foundations of faith to interpret everything else we know about faith? In a way, yes, we should. If something is true, it will continue to be true and will be reinforced as we learn new aspects of truth. However, I think we need to approach every learning opportunity with an open mind. Just like I can't pre-judge a person and make certain assumptions before I even meet them, I can't do that with truth. I must approach a person with an openness to really get to know them for who they are, not just reinforce who I think they are.

Can we do the same thing with truth? Can we discuss doctrines, question scriptural interpretations, and freely ask questions about our faith with an open intent? What benefit is there in approaching those discussions holding tightly to our assumptions? None, except to once again make ourselves feel superior. There is no place for that in the kingdom. 

I believe the correct way to enter into these conversations is with a willingness to learn and receive without assumptions. The Holy Spirit will guide us through the unknowing to new concepts and ideas with an ongoing re-affirming of truth we already posses. We were created to be free will beings capable of love and relationship. The Holy Spirit wants us to know Truth in that context. Openness to truth is a desire to learn what and who Truth is. The law just tells us what to do and what not to do. Some people may be ok with that approach, but I am not. The way of freedom leads to a fuller and much richer relationship with God. 

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