Good & Evil - 02

I keep thinking about why when a man who knows the right path will often intentionally choose the wrong path. Why would we seek to tear down our life and other's lives rather than build up?

Yesterday I talked about good and evil and how emptiness is the absence of good. Without the good things from God flowing into our life, we cannot choose the right path. The same could be said for a life that is being filled with the wrong things. God loves an empty vessel because that person can be filled. Jesus called the poor in spirit blessed and said those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. When we make our own way or put ourselves above others, then there is no room for us to receive from the Lord.

Spiritual growth happens as we surrender our empty spaces and our unformed human nature to the Lord. His Spirit will transform that space and bring order. The enemy desires to claim that space for himself. He wants to manipulate the spaces of your life in his image rather than see the creative power of God's plan take root in your life.

Evil is the absence of the good. It can be anything build up in your life as a counterfeit to the good. Jesus warns us of the thorns or the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches that prevents the seed from producing fruit. 

Are you allowing God's Spirit to lead you in your choices? Are you allowing the Spirit to fill you and create good in your life? Choices to promote self above others or to give in to self-desires above the Spirit's leading will fill you with the wrong things and take you down a destructive path. Be filled with the right things. Surrender the empty spaces of your life for God to build what he desires.

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