How can people know there is a God?

I often see videos on YouTube where a Christian is at a college campus or in a public space speaking about God, having discussions, and answering questions. I always think "man, that guy is brave!" On one video I saw, a young lady walks by and start yelling "There is no God." 

That response is common and so sad to me. These people are so sure they are right about current socially acceptable or trending thought patterns. What happened or did not happen in this girl's life that she is so sure there is no God? Why is she looking to these more radical tribes to feel a sense of purpose and belonging? We can go out and tell people there is a God all we want, but unless he is seen in us, in our actions, and through our love for others, they will not believe. What did Jesus say in John 13:35? "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." That is the proof people need to know there is a God. 

The church overall could be doing a better job of living out the truth, of loving like Christ example, and being real and authentic with the world. We can't hide behind our walls anymore and we can't be satisfied with knowing the truth, but not truly living out the truth.

Are there young people who can be Christ to this girl, love her and really listen to her? Can they share with her a sense of purpose and belonging far beyond what she has ever known? Can they help her find real joy and fulfillment? I know there are many people like that out there listening to the Holy Spirit and making a difference for the kingdom.

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