Online Bible and theology related courses

I want to recommend some good online courses. First, N.T. Wright online is a great source of excellent teaching. There are very few teachers out there today better than N. T. Wright. Many are paid courses, but there are some free courses and videos. I am still working my way through the course on the Apostle Paul.

Second is Hillsdale College Online Courses. These courses are free, and donations are encouraged. These are excellent courses, and they are well done. I've finished the Genesis course which I highly recommend. I signed up for the new Exodus course which is the same professor as the Genesis course. I also enrolled in the Introduction to Western Philosophy course which I started today.

Larry Arnn presents the introduction to the philosophy course. He talks about the difference between practical wisdom and wisdom. I hear people say truth never changes and that is true, but I remind them that we change. How we learn truth and how we apply truth does change. Wisdom is "The knowledge of things that never change." Ultimately, we are seeking the knowledge of truth. Practical wisdom is calculated based on our circumstances. It requires our judgement about the application of wisdom to our present circumstances. So, God's love for me is truth, it is wisdom, but practical wisdom is expressed as I love others as I have been loved.

Stay tuned for more good content from these courses.

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