Guidelines for seeking truth - 01

Asking question to better understand truth can be risky. You need to be willing to adjust your thinking. Adjustments are almost always necessary. Somehow, we move from openness to defensiveness. 

New believers are usually hungry to learn and grow in their faith. We all get comfortable after a while and want to build our identity and life on what we know. We like to surround ourselves with others who think like we do. That can be a good thing because we need community to help us grow and understand truth, but it can also hold us back.

Being open to grow in your faith can sometimes feel like you may be losing your way or disconnecting from your foundation. Feeling like you might take a wrong turn or be deceived by false teaching is a valid concern. Here are a few things I would recommend in keeping yourself grounded.
  1. Surround yourself with people you trust. Give them permission to hold you accountable and challenge you on stuff when needed.
  2. Ground yourself in prayer and the Word. Don't use God's Word to confirm the truth you already believe. Try to be as open as you can and let the Word speak to you with its own voice. Be very intentional about times when the Holy Spirit can speak to you. No matter what, his voice is always the one you follow. The key is to hold loosely to your own voice and make room for his.
  3. Stay active in serving and connecting with people. Truth will always resonate with loving God and loving others. Wrong thinking and self-originating ideas won't last long in that environment.
  4. Look for others who are further along in the faith. Get around them if possible. Ask them about their journey. Let yourself be challenged by their faith. Be willing to be a small fish in a very big pond. Don't feel you need to share new ideas with them or get their approval. Just let the Holy Spirit teach you from their example.
  5. Practice journaling to write out your thoughts, question yourself. and work out the logic of new ideas. Find people you can have honest conversations with. It's good to talk things through and hear it out loud. Avoid getting stuck in your own head and convincing yourself that all your new ideas are true.

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