Truth requires love

Can we share truth with others without love? I'd say no. Is sharing the gospel just words or a well formulated argument? I think it's more than that. Could you walk up to someone you disagree with, someone very different that you, someone who openly criticizes your own beliefs and share truth with them? I'm not talking about quoting Bible verses; I'm talking about sharing something true and significant with them. Maybe sharing kindness, that's truth, isn't it? Maybe just listening to them with dignity and respect. Maybe sharing the good news of the kingdom rather than telling them they are on their way to hell.

Jesus tells us to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us. If we are full of his love, if that's the priority in our life, then what we share will be done in a loving way. We don't need to argue and try to convince them we are right. Instead, we can just share truth with a genuine desire to see them restored to God and see them receive all that God has for them. What a wonderful thing that is. How freeing it is to put love first, to let God's truth move us and change us and fill us. Only then we can love as we have been loved; we can give as we have received and forgive as we have been forgiven.

If anyone thinks it's possible to share truth without love, then I'm not sure how they believe Jesus was able to do it. I assure you; he never did anything without love as he followed the Father's example. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts and our true motives every day. Let's ask him to fill us with his love.

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