Truth requires questions and answers

The Easter season always brings up difficult questions. How could God abandon his son on the cross? Why did Jesus Christ have to suffer so much to pay for our sins? Why would a loving God need to pour out his wrath of Jesus? These are all good questions that should be asked and there are answers. 

When you are asked questions like these, I strongly caution you not to give answers just because it's what you have been told. I find many of our answers don't make sense because they don't make sense. We tend to repeat answers which we ourselves don't understand. The real answer is for us to continue to seek the truth and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the answers to us little by little. We feel we need answers that can be explain in three points or less, but it doesn't work that way.

I believe God wants us to know the answer to our questions. Many times, God's ways will be a mystery to us, but his ways are not unknowable. God desires for us to know him. The love and beauty of the work of Christ on the cross is far beyond what we can ever imaging, and God wants us to know all about it. We start with simply knowing that Jesus gave himself for us because he loves us. Then we keep going, keep learning and growing closer to truth.

This is how learning works and how relationships work. Like little children we come to our father and ask a million questions and he loves to answer them all. I often see the Bible as a collection of stories God is sharing with us about how much he loves us, how he rescued us, and how he has made a home for us.

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