Conversations about Rebranding

Is it possible for the church in America to engage in healthy dialog about change? I believe anything is possible, but God has given people this responsibility to and make disciples. God has, is, and will do all he intends to do. That don't mean God is not involved and will not do mighty things in our midst. We must move toward him, seek him, and yield our own will and agenda. 

Serious conversations about this issue are a first step. There are many, many people who have built their life and identity on the current model. They would be risking incomes, reputations, traditions, mobs of disgruntled people, and the cancel culture. That last one seems to be gaining favor and is particularly un-Christ like. This all makes it hard to admit we have a problem.

Seth Godin shares some good advice in his blog. He says, "It’s possible to have a useful conversation about what to do about something that’s broken or needs improvement. But first, we must acknowledge that it happened."

The book I've been reading Rebranding Christianity, is helping us see our current reality and understand how things are changing today. Seth goes on to say, "It’s not controversial to understand the facts, the data and the shifts that are happening in the world we live in. In fact, the only way to have a useful conversation about what to do about it is to understand and accept the reality of what’s here."

Good advice!

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