Making assumptions

God has been helping me be more aware of how we can make assumptions when it comes to interpreting God's Word or taking about faith and doctrines, ect. When you've been in the church for a long time, you form lots of opinions and certainties about things. 

Recently, I heard people making assumptions with the scriptures and using them to make their point or to convict and convince people. I find this happens more with discussions on end times, heaven or hell, and deeply engrained doctrines. It's tempting to keep trying harder to prove you are right. Of course, we want to do all we can to help someone come to Christ or know their faith better, but we must trust the Holy Spirit in the process.

When we don't know enough about what we're saying we tend to fill in the gaps. No one wants to be embarrassed or look unknowledgeable on a particular topic. And no one can know everything, so do your best to prepare (not over prepare) and then go help others understand as God has helped you. The more aware we are of this, the better. When I teach, I feel sometimes, I go too far trying to make my point or use too many illustrations. I need to say what is needed and say is how the Holy Spirit wants me to say it and then move on. I try to stop myself and make a mental note. This takes practice, but I believe it will help me better tune in more often to what God wants to say.

Stay away from the fringes where people yell and insist on things and think everything is a crisis. Avoid the places where they are always trying to convince you or manipulate you and draw you to their side. Rather be a part of a community that chooses to earnestly seek the Lord and live that out in an authentic way. Share the good news and be a witness but at the same time trust the Holy Spirit to lead and do the work. A community of faith is a place of joy and kindness. A place where love, dignity, and respect for one another is abundant.

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