Processing high stress tasks

I can't believe I missed a few days of posting. I was asked to speak at a Life Group seminar Saturday and that took up a lot of my mental space. No worries, I'll get caught up today.

I'm slowly learning how to better process tasks or events in life that push me past my normal stress levels. It's hard sometimes not to go into survival mode where all your time and effort is being dedicated to one thing. Unless it really is a survival situation, this response is usually an overreaction based on anxiety. Being aware this is happening is the first step to improving. The second step is to keep reminding yourself that you can increase your efforts in one area without totally ignoring other areas. It's really more of a flow from one thing to the next, increasing in some areas and decreasing as needed in others. It's not moving from one over reaction to another over-correction and back and forth. The third step is to be more intentional about your schedule and each of your tasks. The everyday flow of things doesn't work in these situations, so you need to focus on what's needed day by day.

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