Rebranding Christianity - Brand perception

I just started reading this book Rebranding Christianity: When the World's Most Important Brand Loses Its Way by Jeff Jones. Those who are part of the Church may not see Christianity as a brand, but those outside the Church definitely do and the brand is struggling. Whether right or wrong, we need to take this seriously.

Jones says Christianity is "arguably the most powerful brand in the world." He says the brand promise that Jesus defined 2,000 years ago is Christianity's promise of unconditional love. If we are followers of Christ, then we need to reflect this brand and be a part of God's fulfillment of that promise. 

Jones says "In the US, the Christian brand is losing relevance and influence. A key reason is that Christians, who represent the brand to the world, fail to display the promise of Christianity. We do not consistently act in a way that reinforces God's unconditional love."

How do we start turning this around? I certainly cannot fulfill the promise of unconditional love, but the Holy Spirit can. He can and will use every surrender in your life, no matter how small. One single act of unconditional love or one small demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ is just as powerful as the whole of God's love. Consistency comes with practice. Shift your focus and find that one thing you can do to show God's love to others. Don't tell them, show them! Then keep going.

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