Rebranding Christianity - What is our brand?

More from Jeff Jone's book Rebranding Christianity...

"Brand refers to the name and the idea/values being represented. Product refers to the physical product, service, or experience being provided." 

Starbuck's product is coffee, but their brand is to inspire and nurture the human spirit.

I would hope the product of Christianity is the kingdom of God. Not heaven or an escape from hell or church or a great weekend experience. The Kingdom is certainly the product Jesus was promoting.

So, what's our brand? What idea or value should we be representing? Jones says, "A branding problem is typically a communications problem." What should we be communicating? Well, by definition that should be the Gospel, which means the good news. What is the good news? That Jesus loves you and invites all to come by faith, that the kingdom of God is here, that there is life, joy, peace and belonging for all who believe.

Maybe people don't like our brand and maybe they are not getting the message because we can't just announce the brand, we must live it and be it to the world. Thats what Jesus did.

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