Rebranding Christianity - Losing our way

Jeff Jones discusses Comcast as an example of what not to do when it comes to branding. He asks, "How can a brand loose its way so badly that it becomes one of the most hated brands in America?"

What would the answer be of we ask this of Christianity? How can a church loose it's way to the point where it's unaware of the negative reputation it may have in its own community?

One reason why is because the church only communicates with itself. They all read the same books, listen to the same podcasts, go to the same seminars, hear all the same messages week after week, and associate with only themselves. We just assume we know what the community thinks of us without even asking them. If we do engage with them, we usually dismiss what they have to say because they don't know the truth and they just don't understand. I've been there, and been that self-righteous church person many times, trust me.

We need to find a better way to engage the community, to listen, to respect others, to give them the dignity everyone deserves, and if nothing else, just be kind!

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