Chose to Overcome

When temptation comes, we can either give in or overcome. God has given us the great gifts of life, choice, and time. These are the raw materials that we have all been given in some measure. These gifts can be freely yielded to the Holy Spirit. With this gift, he will create a kingdom life that glorifies God. 

When temptation comes, we can choose to keep building or give away these raw materials to the enemy who will use them to tear down the life God is building. John 10:10 says the enemy is the one who has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He can never take what you have put in God's hands, but you can take it and trade it for a selfish and temporary choice. 

Sometimes the enemy comes in like a flood with wave after wave of temptation. When that happens, don't turn to fight, don't stand against the temptation, just turn to see Jesus. Keep saying yes to him rather than saying no to the enemy. Don't be drawn into a fight that has already been won. The battle is in your mind and in your choice. Choose to keep saying yes to God. Will yourself to open your hands and allow the Holy Spirit to take your choice and use it for his glory. When it's all over, you will always be glad you made that choice.

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