Chose Discipline

We all struggle with discipline in every aspect of life. Whether its personal habits, our health, better relationships, or spiritual disciplines; none if it comes easy. It really does come down to making a choice. Seth Godin would tell us to make the decision then don't look back. He decided to start blogging everyday many years ago and he just does it and now has over 8000 posts.

It is important that we see these decisions as works in progress. If I decide to lose 10 pounds, I am really deciding to start doing whatever it takes to get there. I'm deciding to start the journey and be on that journey for however long it takes. I'm deciding to eat better and exercise regularly. If I decide to grow spiritually, then I need to commit to making decisions constantly that will get me there. Too often we get discouraged and give up because we are focused on the end result and not the journey. 

Focus on doing today what you decided to do yesterday. Choosing discipline is a choice to start a journey and keep going.

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