Am I the only one having trouble focusing throughout the day? I feel like I move from one thing to another back and forth. A thought pops into my head, and I run after it, then run back, then somewhere else. Sitting in front of a computer all day with the world at my fingertips doesn't help. The phones in our pockets don't help either. I already ditched social, but I still find myself frequently scrolling through news feeds stopping for every interesting article I see. Of course, then the algo serves up more of the same.

I posted about meditation a few days ago. That really has become an effective option for me to retrain my mind and escape the downward spiral. A time of quiet focus and reflection reminds us of our objectives, the things we hope to achieve for the day. Then when I start work, I can keep reminding myself that my goal is to finish the day well and stay focused.

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