The Interior Life - Persistence

Building the interior life takes time. The inner persistence day after day, year after year is what will shape you and manifest itself outwardly. It's a fragile thing that can easily be derailed or torn down if we let up for too long. We need to keep going and stay the course. We don't get to the new place, or the promise land God has shown us overnight.

On the RobCast, episode 46, Rob Bell reminds us that even when that things we know we were meant to do feel futile, we need to keep going. We need to resist the frustration and feeling that we're wasting our time. He encourages us to not back away from that feeling but go all the way into it and embrace the idea that all our efforts may prove to be totally useless, and we may not see results. Like Jeramiah, this thing we must do is like a fire shut up in our bones. We must keep going and be true to that calling. When we lean into that and stop worrying about everything else, Rob says we will find joy that is infinite and bottomless.

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