Lessons in kindness

Did I mention this adventure in kindness I've embarked upon? Well, there are days when it can be quite difficult. I got a response from a co-worker today that was immediately frustrating to me for a number of reasons. A flood of preferred comebacks began running through my mind. And the desire to let others know so they could take my side was there as well. Then that little voice in my head said, "You wanted to practice kindness so what will you do with this opportunity?" It's hard to back down and not give in to the desire to be right or to feel vindicated. 

Do we realize what we're giving up by letting self have its way? When you are able to stop and take a deep breath, you have time to think about that answer. Every truth put into action results in spiritual growth. When I chose to do what the Holy Spirit has prompted me to do, I feel closer to Christ. That's worth the discomfort of self not getting its way. 

Thankfully, I was able to work on the issue and help a user resolve their problem. So, I got to be indirectly kind to one person, directly kind to the user, and grow in the process. Thats a win, win, win!

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