Making choices about your faith

What do you do if you're struggling with questions about your faith? Maybe you're starting to explore your faith in a new and open way, seeking answers to difficult, but honest and sincere questions? What if the church you attend is not a conducive environment for questioning your faith? If you are serious about going on that journey of discovery, no matter what you choose it will be difficult. Change is the only constant in the universe, and it will always cost you something.

You basically have two choices - stay or go. Both can help you find the answers you're looking for. Sometimes you need to leave an environment which may be prohibitive. Sometimes you need to stay and serve hoping to help make things better. Sometimes you just need to find a way to overcome the obstacles in your path. 

Whatever you do, ask the Holy Spirit for his assistance first! Either way, he will be with you. Either way you will grow if your open and receptive. Both paths can lead to discovery and a deeper spiritual life if you're willing to do the work.

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