Metamodernism - Sanctimony defines Sanctimony as "pretended, affected, or hypocritical religious devotion, righteousness, etc.

Growing up I believed Christian doctrine largely because I was told to. My core faith in Christ was real from a young age, but most everything else I believed because that's what good church kids do. That was fine when I was young, but when I became an adult, I had to choose. Either keep pretending and acting like I was certain and had no doubts or let go and start seeking God for my own sake. I'm so glad I chose the latter. And for the record, I am eternally grateful for my Christian upbringing and the truth I received from so many spiritual giants.

In the article, Swimming in a Sanctimonious Sea of Subjectivity, which I mentioned in a previous post, Robert Golding gives us insight into the meta modernist sanctimonious state of mind. The postmodern approach of subjective and relative truth cannot be sustained. Thats why meta modernism converts its postmodern ideals into objective truth in an attempt to ignore the facts and pretend they are grounded in reality. Golding says those in this position hold on to "provisional approximations" which begin as casual interests and evolve into life commitments. He says, "People often think of their individual creeds as 'mini-metanarratives' that give them a little direction and meaning in life. But as the years go by and the provisional approximation of a metanarrative takes deeper root, the result is often an adherence rivaling that of the faithful of any major world religion."

It's important for believers to pay attention to these provisional approximations. The world needs the truth of God's love and grace. If they do not see and experience it through our lives, they will invent their own metanarrative based on what they feel should be right. These socially debated topics can point the church toward those who are seeking to experience God's lavish and unconditional love.

At the heart of most social metamodern movements today is a conversation about love. They promote love for everyone no matter what your gender or sexual orientation or belief system. Isn't that the heart of the gospel? Doesn't God open his arms wide for all humanity to come and receive his love and restoration? If individuals in the church continue in their sanctimony as I once did, they must then defend their own metanarratives. When your pretense evolves into a religion, you are left with no other recourse but to prove your right and everyone outside your tribe is wrong.

Wouldn't it be better for us to allow the Holy Spirit to form his narrative in us through the renewing of our minds? Can we let go of our own pretenses long enough for him to have his way? The world is looking for authentic transformational truth. God's kingdom way is not intolerant and prohibitive. His truth and his precepts set us free to receive and give love.

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