Rebranding Christianity - Hope for the future

Rebranding Christianity wraps up with a look ahead at the future of the church. Jeff Jones reminds us that Jesus Christ will continue to build his church in spite of the "mission drift" and bad press we are experiencing. There will unfortunately be many churches who dig in deeper holding on to the same old methods leading to eventual isolation and decline. We fear and resist change in the church when we hold too tightly to the things we have built. Those gathering places and tools are fine, but they cannot replace relationship with Jesus Christ. Let those things change as needed. Let us cast of the weights which so easily slow us down (Heb. 12:1-3).

I heard a sermon this morning that used the example of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand assuming that what it could not see would not be harmful. The new work Jesus is about to do through his church will be scary but exciting if we embrace it with a willing spirit. Jesus is doing the same work he has always been doing from the foundations of the earth, but us humans go through seasons of awakening and change which we perceive and describe as a new work or a new awakening. We need to keep moving forward to experience the new life Jesus brings. 

It may feel like the church has lost its way, but I can't help but think of Elijah who thought he was the only faithful prophet remaining, but God had seven thousand others left in Israel. God knows his own who are longing for him and seeking to share his truth and love with a hungry world. Jesus said Go and make disciples, he promised us his presence and the empowerment of his Spirit. When we move out in that environment, lives will be changed. Jones says, "What people in our culture crave in the deepest parts of their souls can only be found in Jesus." And today, in this world, Jesus is found in his people who have surrendered themselves to be led by his Spirit.

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