Stay in the game

No matter what life brings, stay in the game, keep doing something to make a difference. The temptation step off the field can be overwhelming at times. Especially when you've been out there getting it done for many years. The enemy will always come to praise you, to tell you how good you are, to say you've done enough and tell you how much you deserve a break. That voice will also tell you no one cares anyway or that no one understands how hard you try. He tells you that no one would blame you for moving on. 

In the end none of those excuses matter. We serve one Lord and one king. We stand in his presence ready to serve, ready to do his will. Pay little attention to what others think you should be doing. Don't measure your value and self-worth by the acceptance and praise of others. Most of that is all in your head anyway. Just keep moving forward. Do what you can and follow the Spirit wherever he leads.

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