Chose hard work

Growing up I always heard the phrase "A little hard work never hurt anyone." I probably heard that from my dad more times than I can remember. The truth is that hard work is also necessary for our own wellbeing. It seems we're always looking for the easy path, but if we find it, we quickly realize it is unfulfilling and can be destructive.

I've been struggling to run at the level I'm used to for the past month or so. I found myself choosing easier routes and doing lighter workouts. Then I decided to run at the battlefield which is one of my favorite spots. There are several hills on that route and my legs were soar the next day. Thats when I realized I had been taking the easy path more times than I realized. 

Life is the same way, when we let up, we will fall back. There is certainly a place for rest and a time to relax, but we need to always guard against the self-desire to make that the new normal. Make sure your keep some things in your life that are hard and challenging and require you to keep working. We need that!

Erwin McManus encourages people to "Do hard things" in this message.

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