Making all things new

Rev. 21:5 (ESV) "And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new...

I believe one day God in his love and justice will restore all things. Every hurt, pain, grief, suffering, every injustice, every word of unkindness, all of it. Is it possible? Maybe there was a word spoken decades ago in ignorance that may have hurt you deeply. Could that thing that was taken from you be restored? Justice is not just making it better or helping you to forget. It is returning what was taken and restoring what was lost to made things right. The dignity someone took from you, the joy they stole leaving you with hurt just to make themselves feel better, can all that be made right? Yes. I believe that is one of the true purposes of the cross. Jesus gave himself in love to overcome sin, death, and the grave. The power of the cross is the restoration of all humanity. We only need to let go of our pain or hurt or loneliness or powerlessness or bitterness or loss and receive what Jesus is offering.

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