On God - A good foundation

I'm still trying to work my way through this conversation with Norman Mailer in his book On God. As I said before, it seems as if Mailer is just making up his position and beliefs in God, Satan, and eternity as he goes along. To be fair, Mailer is not a theologian, nor does he profess any faith in God. In fact, he claims to have rejected those things.

So far, I have not detected any semblance of a foundation or a common thread that ties his thoughts together. He seems to look around him at nature and mankind and his own experiences and use this as a starting point. I believe the Bible encourages us to see God and his plan for humanity in his creation as well, but we must go beyond the natural and not force our definitions of God into that natural box. 

The key to seeing and understanding beyond the natural is relationship with God. Just like the love of a spouse or a friend itself cannot be seen, but is demonstrated, experienced and felt through the relationship.

Beginning your conversation about God must start with a good foundation. If the foundation is off, we will keep building everything wrong. This is why it is so critical to always go back to our foundation. We must allow the Holy Spirit to help us examine our understanding and relationship with that foundation. if we are unwilling to make adjustments and changes there as needed, then we will never get the right outcome. Building and re-building on that foundation over and over again is part of life.

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