On God - Proper Approach

Norman Mailer's views on God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell are interesting. I can see threads of truth in his statements. These are the same threads that everyone feels instinctively at times. The problem is that none of his comments so far seem to be bound by truth or some common agreed upon foundation. He is free to incorporate human morality and popular notions about these issues however he wants. 

So, if you were having a conversation with Mailer, how would you respond? What would be the proper approach in this situation? I'm almost positive you would not get anywhere arguing each point from the Bible. I don't think you would get very far presenting your own beliefs as proof that you were right. 

I think the best approach may be to just listen and ask questions. Try to take each topic deeper focusing on possible application of those theories. Maintain an attitude of humility and a position of learning. Seeking truth is a process of slowly moving our own thoughts and ideas aside to make room for truth. I think everyone knows truth at some level when they hear it. Truth spoken in this way will begin to expose everything else for what it is. Sure, some of those ideas may make sense and I can see how they came up with that, but will it hold up when you take an honest look at both together? This approach would require patience and respect. I've also learned that it requires us to hear the smallest of promptings from the Holy Spirit. We have to be super sensitive to his voice in these situations. Be on guard against any self-thoughts that you think need to be said. That still small voice is all you need!

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