The problem with the Bible

That sounds like a click bait title for sure. Just to be clear, I love the Bible and believe it to be God's inspired message to humanity. I consider it to be authoritative and foundational to my life. And I consider God's Word, the Logos, to be the greatest and most precious gift in all the universe.

The problem with the Bible is how we approach it. So, it's really a problem with us, not the Bible. What is the purpose of the Bible and how do we go about applying it to our life? How we answer that matters.

Many Christian tribes see the Bible like the ten commandments. The approach it like sixty-six tablets carved in stone. They build their faith on the commandments and teachings written there. They build their life on a strict adherence to those laws, and they do their best to never deviate from that approach.

Other, like myself, see the Bible as a map that guides us on our journey. The commandments and teachings are there to show us the way through the stories of God engaging with humanity. Our understanding of truth revealed through those engagements should evolve and change as we move closer to the destination on the map.

Take a chance and let the Bible lead you. Discover its newness and wonder every day.

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