The problem with the Law

I've been reading some of the news coming out of SBC 2024. It seems like their response to the culture shifts all churches are facing today is to fortify their positions with more laws. The law gives these organizations more control over what people say, do, and believe. 

The problem with the law is that people will follow the rules out of duty not devotion. The Apostle Paul talks in length about the difference between living under the law and living in freedom through Christ Jesus. Freedom leads people to pursue Christ and learn God's Word out of devotion. Its devotion that holds people accountable, not the law.

In my opinion, the day that church organizations like the SBC decided that much of the work of the Holy Spirit was no longer for today, was the day they were resigned to following the law. Freedom only comes through a life fully yielded to all that the Holy Spirit wants to do in and thru us.

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